Payment Posting

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Payment Posting

Managing payments and reconciliation is a labour-intensive, manual process highly prone to errors, the results of which are poor cash flow, lingering days in A/R, and delayed reimbursements. Trinity RCM mitigates this risk by ensuring ERA Enrolments done for all payers for electronic payment processing. This ensures quality of >99% and keeping reconciliation logs to ensure all the electronic and manual payments are processed with accuracy and reported as expected by accounting team for seamless accounting.


Our data management team takes care of Logging correspondences, Processing charges, Conducting audits, and Posting EOBs and ERAs directly into your billing system. We also handle Patient balance transfers and secondary billing based on your unique specifications.

Trinity RCM Payment Posting & Reconciliation

99% payment posting accuracy with 48hrs TAT.

100+ payer EOB templates expertise

100% transaction auditing capabilities

90% Electronic payment conversion experience