Account Receivable

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Account Receivable

Healthcare management surveys noticed that poor AR follow up leads to at least 30% loss of revenue by most of the physicians.


Trinity RCM emphasizes that account receivables form a crucial part of cash flow and requires rigorous follow up to be kept under control. We provide promising services that will ensure that all the services performed get paid for, completely and promptly. Using our workflow solution, our experts can expedite collections and quickly resolve disputes so that you get paid faster and more accurately.


We work with each client to create specific SOP guidelines for each payer. Our team has vast expertise in secondary and tertiary claims, giving us the ability to quickly resolve older, more complex accounts, including worker’s compensation.

Trinity RCM A/R Management & Collections

Users have experience in working 100+ payers

KPI & Weekly Performance provide transparent success results

Systematic AR SOPs by payer

25% average reduction in total A/R days